Rockz is the world's most bulletproof cryptocurrency

Rockz is backed by the world’s strongest and most sustainable currency, the Swiss Franc. For every Rockz issued, one Swiss Franc is held under reserve, legally enforceable by its owners. Investments into the cryptosphere don’t come more secure than Rockz.

Who is Rockz for

Early crypto adopters

Who: Private Crypto Investors who have successfully made investments in the crypto sphere and want to protect their wealth by sheltering it from market, security and counterparty risk
How: Rockz offers a safe haven for your wealth when the seas get rough. In times of volatility move your funds into a physically backed coin without having to vacate the crypto sphere entirely. Rockz lets you sleep peacefully at night knowing you can access your Swiss Francs at any time or re-enter the market when the sunshine returns.

Institutional Crypto Investors & Fund Managers

Who: Institutional investors are growing their participation in this new asset class. For both short and long term trading they require a mechanism to pause between periods of investment activity.
How: Rockz offers a unique legal setup, where with full confidence and legitimacy, an investor is able to enforce a pause between two investments. For the first time professional investors have a fully enforceable coin backed in physical form by one of the most stable currencies in the world.

Corporates & Service Providers

Who: Rockz is designed for corporates & service providers eager to receive payments in cryptocurrencies but unwilling to take the market risk related to main coins.
How: Rockz allows anyone receiving cryptocurrency payments to exchange their holdings into a fully transparent and legally enforceable coin backed by physical reserves of the strongest currency of the world. By loading your Rockz on a physical wallet integrating NFC technology, you will be able to pay or receive payments using Rockz coins.

Unique Rockz Benefits

Absolute Stability

Rockz is fully backed by Swiss Franc reserves, one of the strongest currency in the world. Up to 90% held in paper form in maximum security vaults high up in the Swiss mountains. 10% held as liquidity with most secure and trusted Swiss banks.

Legally Protected

Every Rockz holder has a fully enforceable legal right to the exact amount of Swiss Francs equivalent to their Rockz coin holding. In the event of the Rockz company failing, Rockz holders have direct access to their investments with vault operators and Swiss banks.

Total Transparency

Rockz’ Swiss Francs holdings are controlled and independently audited every month by a trusted third-party to assure investors that 100% of their holding is continually backed up.

A Safe Crypto Haven

Rockz is a port in a storm for the world’s cryptocurrency investors to ride out market volatility without the need to extract holdings into fiat currency and incur expensive fees and taxes.

Rockz vs Others



Direct ownership of fiat equivalent amount Yes No NA
Full Transparency Yes No NA
Segregation of assets Yes No Yes
Protection in case of bankruptcy Yes No NA
Holdings in physical banknotes Yes No No
Audit track record Yes No Yes
Issue of coins only when covered by reserves Yes No NA
Strong, stable and neutral currency Yes No No