Here you will find everything you need to know more about our company and operation. We will add to this resource as we grow and evolve, always fulfilling our promise of working in an open and transparent way. Should you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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Rockz Ltd and Alprockz Ltd are registered companies in the Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland. In order to comply with Swiss laws, Rockz has adopted an approach of transparency towards regulators.
The Companies have developed a unique legal setup with the support of Banking & Finance lawyers and have informed the regulator about their business model. In accordance with Swiss Regulations, Rockz Ltd is affiliated to a recognized self-regulatory organization.

Legal & Transparency

Legal Enforceability
Reserves are held on a fiduciary basis, in the name of Rockz Ltd but for the account of the Rockz holders, with financial intermediaries (banks) and vault operators.  Rockz Ltd segregates reserve holdings from its operational accounts and obtain, where applicable, an express waiver of the right to offset assets from financial intermediaries (bank).
In the case of bankruptcy of Rockz Ltd, the Reserves will not be affected by the insolvency proceedings. Coin holders will benefit from the transfer of their rights against Rockz Ltd to financial intermediaries (banks) and vault operators as provided under Swiss law.
Public Audit Process
Rockz Ltd is a service company subject to statutory audits, on a yearly basis. Due to its affiliation to a self-regulatory organization, it will also be subject to regulatory reviews, on a yearly basis.
On a monthly basis, a company specialized in inspection, verification, testing and certification will control the reserves held by Rockz for the account of the coin holders.