Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have a question about Rockz? Here are the ones we have heard the most. If your query is not covered below please email us at [email protected] and we will get right back to you.

Rockz is an ERC-223 token issued by Rockz Ltd. Each Rockz coin issued by Rockz Ltd is backed by 1 Swiss Franc. Up to 90% of these Swiss Francs are held in paper form as banknotes with vault operators in Switzerland. The remaining 10% is held in the form of deposits with trusted banks in Switzerland.

ERC-223 is compatible with ERC-20 and provides specific criteria which makes it more appropriate to Rockz.

Anyone holding Alprockz tokens in his wallet can have access to, and use, Rockz tokens.

Rockz Ltd is the operating company which issues Rockz coins. Rockz Ltd also holds, on a fiduciary basis, reserves of Swiss Francs for coin holders with vault operators and financial institutions located in Switzerland.

Alprockz Ltd is the owner of Rockz Ltd, the operating company issuing Rockz. It ensures the supervising of the project and the funding of Rockz Ltd.

Market risk is the possibility for an investor to experience losses on his investments. Various types of market risks exist, such as country risk or systemic risk. Bitcoins or Ethereum holders face the possibility to gain or lose value due to the inherent volatility of such investments.

Counterparty risk is also known as default risk. It is the risk to each party of a contract that the counterpart will no longer be in a position to fulfil its contractual obligations. Coin holders having accounts or wallets with an exchange company usually face a counterparty risk. If the exchange company becomes the subject of bankruptcy proceedings, the coins and fiat amounts will most probably get diluted in the liquidation proceeds.

Banks’ clients bear a counterparty risk on their bank. In several countries, public deposits are protected up to a certain amount. For example, in Switzerland deposits of the public are covered by a depositor protection scheme up to CHF 100’000.- per client in the event of bankruptcy proceedings ( In the United Kingdom deposits of the public are protected up to GBP 85’000.- ( Some very rare crypto exchanges are regulated and do offer protection schemes.

Security risk is the risk to get holdings stolen. Coin holders are bearing an inherent risk related to security as hacking is massive threat in the crypto sphere. Coin holders using hot wallets bear the risk of being hacked, or their providers being hacked, and having their money stolen.

Rockz tokens are issued only when the equivalent amount of Swiss Francs (i.e., the Swiss Francs reserves) is available.

No. Rockz Ltd does not act as a bank and, as a result, does not hold a banking license.

No, as Rockz Ltd is not a bank, no banking protection scheme applies. The Swiss Franc reserves held on a fiduciary basis by Rockz Ltd for the RKZ holders are segregated from the proprietary holdings of Rockz Ltd. In the event of bankruptcy of Rockz Ltd, the claims of Rockz Ltd against the vault operators and banks where their Swiss Francs are held will be transferred to the Rockz holders, as provided under Swiss law. They will thus have the right to redeem their Swiss Francs from the vault operators and the banks. .

No, Rockz Ltd does not perform any sort of investments with the reserves of Swiss Francs held for Rockz holders.

Rockz Ltd holds Swiss Francs, 90% in physical banknotes held by maximum security vault operators. The banknotes are not subject to counterparty risk. 10% are held with various trusted banks in Switzerland which are assessed formally and offer banking protection scheme.

Yes. Rockz users who buy their Rockz tokens through our platform need to go through a complete KYC and AML process.

The price of one Rockz is always equal to 1 Swiss Franc when bought/sold on the Rockz platform. Rockz’s price on exchanges (centralized or decentralized) can vary based on supply and demand.

Due to confidentiality agreements we are not able to communicate yet on which exchanges Rockz token will be listed.

Physical banknotes held in high security vaults hosted in the Swiss Alps are the safest way to keep money safe, away from any kind of threat.

The Rockz token is different in many ways to Tether: It is the next generation of safe haven cash token, offering full legal enforceability in the event of bankruptcy of the platform operator (Rockz Ltd), reduced counterparty risk and complete transparency. The Rockz token allows coin holders to redeem their Swiss Francs both in electronic and physical form at any point in time.

TrueUSD is a project of TrustToken, which aims to tokenize various assets, subject to market risk, on the blockchain. Rockz is focusing on providing a seamless and highly secure  access to the Swiss Franc for crypto traders and investors looking for a safe-haven in a neutral political country, Switzerland, to protect their wealth while remaining on the blockchain. Furthermore, Rockz differentiates itself from TrueUSD by the fact that it decreases the counterparty risk with banks by using physical banknotes.

Alprockz Ltd and Rockz Ltd are audited on a yearly basis. Rockz Ltd, as a company subject to AML audit, is audited on a yearly basis on its KYC & AML application.

A world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company controls the Swiss Francs reserves held by Rockz Ltd for the account of Rockz token holders once per month.

No, under Swiss laws and regulations, the Rockz token has not been qualified as a security.

Yes, holding Rockz is equivalent to holding fiat Swiss Francs. Rockz offers you the shortest and easiest way to go back-and-forth in the crypto sphere without being punished by high fees and important time lags.

Switzerland is a neutral country, best known for its security, safety and discretion. Located in the heart of Europe, without being part of the European Union, its former military bunkers give total security to protect the wealth of millions of clients worldwide. Contrary to almost all other large countries, Switzerland stays neutral and offers a safe-haven for anyone in the world looking for safety and protection.

Our team is made of technology, legal and finance specialists. A large majority of the team are Swiss Citizens and residents. Names and profiles can be found here.

All our servers are located in Switzerland.

Rockz Ltd has partnered with best in class security specialists, both as companies and in its Advisory team. There is a limited benefit to disclose information on the topic in our website, but you may contact us to learn more.

Swiss Francs are primarily stored in paper form as banknotes in high-security vaults in Switzerland and, secondarily, in the form of deposits with trusted banks in Switzerland. The banks are selected by our risk specialists who assess the quality of their activities on a regular basis. Rockz holders have access to the names of vault operators and banks. The exact addresses of the vaults holding Swiss Francs reserves are however not disclosed for obvious security reasons.

Rockz Ltd is using the best of both worlds, using decentralized blockchain technology to distribute Rockz tokens, with centralized security and financial systems. Rockz is a bridge between the new crypto paradigm and the traditional finance environment to deliver the best of both worlds.

No, Rockz Ltd and Alprockz Ltd are companies registered in Switzerland which provide their services for profit. Rockz holders pay fees to receive Rockz and transfer them to the Rock platform, and to have their Swiss Francs delivered either to their bank accounts or in physical form.

Alprockz token is an ERC-20 token issued by Alprockz Ltd. The Alprockz token will be launched to allow early supporters to participate in the development of our project from the beginning.

Alprockz is by essence an utility token, as its purpose is to grant access to the Rockz platform. However, from a regulatory perspective, Alprockz might be considered as a security token by financial market regulators while the Rockz platform is not operational. Once the Rockz platform is operational, it should be treated as an utility token under Swiss laws and regulations.

Due to confidentiality agreement, we are not able to communicate yet on which exchanges the Alprockz token will be listed on. However, we have discussions to list on one of the main exchanges.

Alprockz token by essence is a utility token giving general access and/or, exclusive priority access to the Rockz platform, as well as access to additional services (as described in the white paper) to its holders when accessing the Rockz ecosystem.

Under Swiss laws and regulations, Rockz qualifies as a security token and it is backed directly by the Swiss Franc.

No, neither Rockz Ltd nor Alprockz Ltd are subject to the supervision of a financial market regulator. Rockz Ltd is however affiliated to a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for AML supervision purposes. The SRO is directly supervised by the Swiss Financial regulator.